Institute of Mechanics and Engineering named after Academician U.A. Dzholdasbekov

RSE at the REP “Institute of Mechanics and Engineering named after Academician U.A. Dzholdasbekov” KN MES RK, Almaty, 050010, Shevchenko St. 28, Pavilion 6, room 108, telephone for inquiries 8 (727) 2726270, email address: dgpimmash, announces a competition for the vacant official driver.

General qualification requirements for competition participants:

A person with secondary education and a license to drive a vehicle of the appropriate category is appointed to the position of driver of a vehicle.

Functional responsibilities:

The driver controls:

– passenger cars of all types.

– Refills vehicles with fuel, lubricants and coolant.

– Checks the technical condition and accepts the vehicle before leaving the line, delivers it and places it in the designated place upon returning to the fleet.

– Eliminates operational malfunctions of the serviced vehicles that arise during work on the line, which do not require disassembling the mechanisms.

– Prepares travel documents.

Documents are accepted from February 15 to February 29, 2024.

List of required documents to participate in the competition:

-An application for participation in the competition (in any form) addressed to the first director of the enterprise;

– candidate’s resume with a 3×4 photo;

– Copies of education diplomas and supplements to them;

– a sanitary certificate on the state of health (medical professional advisory opinion) issued no more than six months before the date of submission of documents;

– A copy of the identity document of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– address certificate;

– a copy of the military ID;

The competition participant has the right to provide additional information regarding his education, professional level, as well as documents confirming work experience and qualifications.

Documents must be submitted within 14 calendar days from the day after the publication of the announcement of the competition.

The driver’s salary is according to the staffing table.