Institute of Mechanics and Engineering named after Academician U.A. Dzholdasbekov

On April 16, at M. Auezov University of South Kazakhstan, an international scientific-practical conference was held on the theme “Engineering education and science: challenges of the digital economy” dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Academician Myrkhalykov Zhumakhan Ushkempiruly. Congratulatory words for the 70th anniversary were handed over, the “Honored Professor” certificate of the university and the “M. Auezov” badge were presented.

The conference was attended by scientists of our country and foreign countries, as well as vice-president of the National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Academician Nurlan Temirbekov. Academician A. Dzhomartov, head of the experimental work and commercialization department of the Institute of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering named after Academician O. A. Zholdasbekov, made a presentation on the topic “Practical use of smart parallel robots.”